How are writers categorized on nDash?

First, let’s cover the types of relationships writers have to brands on nDash:

  • Freelance writers, the vast majority of our writers on the platform. Verified writers are able to pitch industries and companies, respond to open assignments, and publish on the nDash Content Network.
  • In-house writers, or employees of a brand, are a great option for companies looking to keep all content on the same platform. You’re able to add colleagues at your company to your account and manage their assignments alongside hired freelancers without the requirement to pay them through the platform.
  • VIP writers is a newer feature for brands to be able to pay and manage dedicated writers with whom they’ve had a pre-existing relationship with. Read the steps to add VIP writers here.

Freelancers are further divided into Communities relevant to their experience:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Real Estate
  • Industrial
  • Law & Politics
  • Science & Medicine

When searching for a freelance writer, you can use the dropdown menu to the right of the keyword search to select a specific community.

When posting an open assignment, you can select as many communities as are relevant:

More information on Communities can be found in this writers’ help topic.

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