Onboarding VIP Writers to nDash

We have three relationship types for writers and brands on nDash. Want to add your own freelance writers to your nDash account? If so, have them follow these directions to get them added to your group:

  1. Use the following link to sign up: https://go.ndash.com/signup/writer. As they will not be freelancers on the platform, the profile will not need to be filled out.
  2. Email cs@ndash.com and include their email address and your company name. Our team will manually verify their profile and connect it to your brand.
  3. Finally, connect to Stripe.

Once these steps are done, the writers will appear as Favorites of your brand, and an option to assign to "Freelance Favorites" will be available when posting assignments.

Questions about setting up VIP writers? Email cm@ndash.com.

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