How Do I Connect to Stripe?

Stripe is the only way for writers to currently get paid on nDash.

Steps to Connect: 

1. Click "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu under your profile image 

#2. Click Connect to Stripe 

#3. You'll then be re-directed to, where you'll be taken through a sign up wizard 

(Note: if you already have an account, you'll be given the option to sign in from that same link within nDash). 

#4. Once created/connect, you'll be re-directed back to the nDash platform. 


A few tips and important notes: 

  • Please take the time to complete the Stripe account properly. If the details are missing (or look suspicious) then Stripe will delete your account, which means you cannot get paid on nDash. 
  • Don't share Stripe accounts. Writers that attempt to use another person's Stripe account will be removed from nDash. 
  • For most issues related to Stripe, you'll need to contact their support team, which you can do here:

Thanks for reading! 

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