What are the user roles on nDash?

There are two permissions your in-house content team can have on nDash:

  • Editor: someone who manages the budget for content. In this role, they would have the ability to field content ideas and start assignments with your in-house and freelance writing team. Additionally, they would have the ability to add themselves to other groups within your company account and access to all billing information. 
  • In-House Writer: this writer is on your payroll and you do not need them to receive payment via the nDash platform. They only have access to send your brand content ideas and to work on assignments

To add someone as either an Editor or In-House Writer, click Group Settings on the left of your dashboard. Then, under Group Members, click Add or Manage Members.

You’ll then be prompted to add their email address and to send an invite as an In-House Writer or as an Editor. They will then just need to click on the invite in their inbox to finalize their account. 

To learn more about adding users on nDash, see here.

Fun fact: users are able to be BOTH Editor and In-House Writer. Once a user accepts the initial job role invitation, you are then able to go back into the Add or Manage Members section, and check the box for both Editor and In-House Writer next to their name. Likewise, you can revoke access - and remove users - from this page. For more on how to delete users that are no longer with your company, visit this help topic. 

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