What are the user roles on nDash?

There are three types of users you can add to your nDash account: 

  • Editor: This user type has the ability to start assignments, accept pitches, upgrade/downgrade, add users, view assignments, and more. Additionally, they would have the ability to add themselves to other groups within your company account and access to all billing information. 
  • In-House Writer: These are writers that you'd like to add to nDash, but not pay through the platform, presumably because you are paying them a salary. They only see the assignments an editor sends to them, and do not have any access to other projects (or payment info). 
  • VIP Writer: If you want to invite your own freelance writers to the nDash platform, you can do so by adding them as a "VIP writer." Assignment fees for VIP writers are only 5%, which goes to cover the credit card processing fees and taxes. 

To add new users to your account: 

  1. Go to Group Settings on the left-hand nav menu 
  2. Click "Add or Manage Members" 
  3. Enter their email and select the appropriate role. 

To learn more about adding users on nDash, see here.

Fun fact: users are able to be BOTH Editor and In-House Writer. Once a user accepts the initial job role invitation, you are then able to go back into the Add or Manage Members section, and check the box for both Editor and In-House Writer next to their name. Likewise, you can revoke access - and remove users - from this page. For more on how to delete users that are no longer with your company, visit this help topic. 

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