What is a verified nDash writer?

Simply put, verified writers have the checkmark icon of approval (see image below) stating that our nDash Community team has go through the process of: 

  1. Ensuring the person is who they say they are 
  2. Has experience writing for the industries listed on their profile 

Our goal here at nDash is to save you time with writer recruitment. As such, here is an overview of how we determine who makes it into our verified writer community: 

  • A complete writer profile - so you have a thorough understanding of their work history and writing career to-date
  • Experience writing for the industries listed - we ask writers to include at least one writing sample for each industry listed on their profile, this way you can make an educated decision about whether the writer is right for you 
  • They are who they say they are - because we strongly value transparency on nDash, we ask for a second form of identification 

Our goal here at nDash is to help you build your best freelance writing team. If you need help recruiting writers, please message us using the chat icon on the bottom right corner.

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