What are Communities?

nDash was created to help companies find writers with specific subject matter expertise. To make this process easier, we’ve created the concept of communities and added select writers based on their experience both on and off the nDash platform. 

This help topic cover will cover what they are, the benefits, and what writers need to do to get added to a community. 

To join a community, please complete the form on the bottom of this page. 

Important Note: This help topic is geared towards existing nDash writers who have already been verified. If you are new to nDash, and have not yet requested verification, you can bypass the form below by simply completing a highly detailed writer profile that showcases your specific subject matter expertise. 


Being part of a community has two significant benefits: 

  1. Higher ranking in nDash: Writers who are part of a community have priority in terms of search and profile visibility for companies. 
  2. Access to open assignments: Your ability to view and apply to assignments is directly linked to what communities you belong to. 

Example: if a company posts an assignment to the “Business” category, only writers who are part of the Business community can see the assignment and apply. 


Here’s how to get added to a community: 

Topics and Keywords

Make sure you’ve selected the right category and added multiple keywords. Writers who don’t select a category (or those who only add 1-2 keywords under each) are not likely to be added. 

Here’s an example of what a Business community member’s topics section would look like: 

Corresponding Writing Samples

If you want to be in the Technology community, for instance, show us that you’ve written about tech before by including corresponding writing samples. 


Published Article on Content Network 

As another proof point, it's also helpful for you to write and publish at least one article in the corresponding category to the nDash content Network. Unlike writing samples (which often have another author’s name on them) these articles will demonstrate to brands your expertise in a given field. 

To learn more about the nDash publishing network, read this Help Topic

Writer Recommendations

It's also advised to have at least one writer recommendation on your nDash writer profile. Learn more about how to do this here


  • Can I be part of multiple communities? Yes. If you have keywords, writing samples, and published articles to the content network, you can be added to multiple communities. 
  • Can I still get paid for assignments if I’m not part of a community? Yes. Companies can still send you direct requests. You can also still pitch ideas to any brand on the platform as long as you are a verified writer. 
  • What communities currently exist? We currently have the following communities: Technology, Business, Finance, Education, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Industrial, Law & Politics, and Science & Medicine. 

You can request to join a community using the form below. Writers must be verified and connected to Stripe before they request to join. Writer requests without verification cannot be responded to.

Request to Join a Community

For additional questions, contact our Writer Support Team at cm@ndash.com. 

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