Can anyone become a verified nDash writer?

Yes and no. Although anyone can sign up, writers must meet certain criteria around locations, payment methods (Stripe), and expertise in order to receive paying assignments.

nDash goes to great lengths to ensure that brands are only approached by vetted, professional writers. Our review process is designed to ensure that you’re a real person with a strong, relevant writing background that’ll be a fit for our clients. 

Why Request Access?

Because we value transparency on nDash – as do the brands that use our platform – there are a lot of perks to receiving access to our clients on nDash: 

  1. Brands will value your work because they will know that you are who you say you are
  2. The nDash Customer Success team will recommend you to clients that are looking for a writer with your expertise
  3. You will be able to pitch content ideas to brands
  4. You will be able to apply to open assignments

In short, once you’re a verified writer you’re able to see all of the brands that have created a profile on nDash. That’s right, in our fully transparent system, brands will be able to see exactly who you are  – so they can find and work with the best writer for their brand – and you’ll have full insight into who you are writing for so you can create the best content for their content strategy.

Here is How We Vet Writers on nDash: 

  • A complete writer profile - this isn’t bare bones, this is having a LOT of information available about your work history (so we can see where your expertise lies) 
  • Writing samples to back-up your expertise - we're going to see if you have writing samples to back-up the topics you can write about in your profile. We need more than just Medium samples, so please include paid content work! 
  • Your About Me section is grammatically correct - while this sounds small, it is a go-to section brands will look at to (1) get a feel for your writing style and (2) check for spelling and grammar edits 
  • You’re active on LinkedIn -  this way we can verify you are who you say you are. We’ll also ask you to give us a “follow”.
  • Your profile is for YOU (i.e. your real name) - We don’t forbid pen names, however, we’re not advocates for them either. If you make a good case for have one, we’ll push it through
  • In rare cases, the nDash team will ask for a short video call to verify your identity.

While you don't need ALL of these, this is the criteria our community team is looking for: 

  • Education - while you don’t need a masters, if you have a Masters in Electrical Engineering and it’s one of the topics you have listed as a writing expertise (which you can show examples of), it further backs-up the expertise you're showcasing
  • Work History - while you don’t need 10+ years of experience in any given field (although it helps) if you have 8 years of experience running a marketing department and you’re saying marketing is one of the topics you can write about (which you have examples of), it helps
  • Recommendations - at least 3 recommendations from clients

Please Don't Do This: 

  • Don’t email the community team multiple times checking-in on your verification request - we receive all requests for writer verification. If you took your time to fill out your profile - and your expertise fits the brands we have on nDash -   we’ll reach out
  • Don’t write the bare minimum on your profile - if you're serious about landing work on nDash, then please take the time to complete a (very) thorough writer profile
  • Do not connect to a fake social profile - if you do this, we do take note, and won't push your profile through

To learn how to request access to the nDash community, read this help topic.

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