Completing Your Writer Profile

In many ways, your success on nDash depends entirely on the strength of your writer profile. It's the primary way for clients to determine whether you'll be a fit for their brand. It's also how nDash decides whether to verify your account (or not). 

In this help topic, we’ll take you through exactly what your writer profile includes, and a few best practices you should consider incorporating into its overall creation if you want to improve the possibility of you receiving access to nDash brands. 

First, to edit your writer profile, click My Profile on the left sidebar. 

Here is a section-by-section breakdown of what you need to complete on your writer profile before you can submit it for nDash community approval.  

Profile Picture

Brands on nDash are hesitant to work with writers who may appear anonymous (and we don’t allow anonymous writers on our system). For this reason, you need to add a profile picture. We suggest using the same one you have on LinkedIn. 


This is located right next to your name. If you already have a headline, you can change it by hovering over until the pencil icon appears. When crafting a headline, think about the industry or target audience you’re best suited to write for and play up that strength here (read more in this blog). 

About Me

This is an opportunity for you to tell prospects about your past work experience, the audience you enjoy writing for, and what your background and expertise are. It’s also a great way to flaunt your writing style! 

Your bio is often your first (and last) impression for any client, so keep it tight and keep it straightforward. We pulled a few great examples of bios writers have written on nDash, check out the blog post for the breakdown.


In this section, reconfirm your writing expertise by highlighting companies you have worked with in the past - both at freelance and full-time level. 

If you did have a career outside of writing (past or present), be sure to highlight that as well. Why is this important? In short, if a brand is looking for a specific type of expertise, let’s say experience in the cybersecurity industry for this example, then showcasing that you were a former CISO or on the product team of a cybersecurity company will only help your chances of landing a writing gig with the brand in question. 

Topics I Write About

This is perhaps the most important section. A few reasons why: 

  • Brands come to nDash to find writers with specific subject matter expertise. If you're a great cybersecurity writer, but don't list that topic and related keywords in your profile, then they'll never know, and you'll miss out on that opportunity. 
  • This section determines which communities you'll be added to. For example, if you list Lifestyle as a topic, include 1-2 keywords, but don't have any corresponding writing samples (more on this below) then it's likely that you won't be included in this community, which means you won't be able to see assignments posted in that category. 

Brands on nDash (especially new brands) will start their writer search by filtering through industries, so it’s important that you select 2-3 industries that you specialize in - any more than 5, and it may look as though you’re a “jack of all trades, master of none.” 

Then, under each industry you have listed, add as many keywords as you can that relate to that industry and the expertise you have within it. The more keywords you can add, the easier it becomes for clients to find you on nDash.

For some guidance on how to figure out the best industries and keywords to highlight, check out this blog post we wrote.

My Writing Samples

We recommend having at least one writing sample for each industry you’ve listed on your profile. In short, if you don’t have a writing sample (or previous work experience) for an industry that you have listed on your profile, then don’t add it. 

For example, it’s not a good look when you list cybersecurity as an industry you can write about, but all of your writing samples are for marketing and advertising. For more information on how to choose the best writing samples, please read this blog.

If you do not have any writing samples that you can share a URL to, then take a document you’ve written, upload it into Google Drive, and share the public link under My Writing Samples.

Content I Write

Put your best foot forward when it comes to valuing your writing. Pricing content too low (i.e. $30 per blog post) often makes a client think you’re not a professional writer. However, if you don’t have the expertise or writing samples to back up your expertise, it isn’t wise to ask for $200 per blog post either.  

Additionally, please keep in mind that these price points are an average price, you’ll be able to negotiate rates on the platform for assignments sent your way and will be able to pitch content ideas at different price points as well. In short: you’re not 100% locked into these prices and you are able to change them on a case-by-case basis.

Check out our latest blog post for more guidance on how to price yourself as a writer.

Connected Stripe Account

Your profile must be connected to Stripe in order to receive direct requests, apply to assignments or pitch content ideas. Check out this help topic to learn more about how to connect to Stripe. 

If you have any questions on what Stripe is all about, please view this FAQ section.

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