How can I manage my in-house writing team?

nDash isn’t built just for your freelance writing team, it’s also built to manage the thought leaders and content creators from your team in-house. We’re truly built to manage your entire content community.

To watch our product video on how nDash can manage your in-house writing team, see directly below. If you prefer to see a written rundown, then scroll down to continue reading.

This tool is a great way to manage all your company’s (or client’s) content under one roof – from requesting content ideas from your marketing staff, to reminding your CTO that they have a content call for an upcoming article, to managing all due dates and publishing dates within your content calendar. Everything is in one location.

The in-house writer only has visibility into your company brand profile – not to other companies on the nDash platform, unless they choose to create a freelance writer account.

How to Add an In-House Writer

In order to add in-house writers, click Group Settings on the bottom left of your sidebar and then click Add or Manage Members on the overview page. You will then need to add the email address of the person you'd like to invite before clicking Invite as In-House Writer.

Once the In-House Writer (which could be a fulltime writer or someone on payroll that is excited to contribute content) accepts the invitation to join, you'll then be able to find them by clicking Writers on the left sidebar and In-House Writer at the top of the screen.

How to Work with an In-House Writer 

Starting an assignment with an in-house writer is easy. You can access your in-house writing team by clicking Writers on the left of the dashboard, then choose In-House on the top tab. By starting an assignment directly with an in-house writer, they will not need to accept it, it will automatically be in the queue on their end.  Additionally, you are able to request content ideas from, just as you would with a freelance writer.

Since they’re currently on your payroll (or perhaps they’re a freelancer you have a separate contract for payment with), there is no price point connected to each piece of content with them.

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