How does my brand dashboard work?

The dashboard on nDash makes it easy for you to navigate everything that goes into your content creation engine. This article will provide a quick rundown of where everything on your dashboard is located.

You'll find the demo video directly below. But if you prefer a written rundown, then scroll a bit further! Questions? Ping us using the chat icon on the bottom right of the dashboard. 

How to navigate your left sidebar:


An easy way to always go back to your home base. This bird’s eye view is where you invite others to join your nDash account – just click Invite Others on the top right corner. You’ll also see an overview of how many assignments you have in progress, what new ideas have been sent your way, and your Cadence Score.

Here are a few things you should know about the Cadence Score:

  • Your Cadence Score ranks your blogging frequency to other brands in the nDash platform. For instance, if you were in the 80th percentile, you’re publishing more than 80% of brands on nDash.
  • The scores are not displayed publicly. It’s only viewable to your group members.
  • Your blogging frequency is pulled from your RSS feed on the Group Profile.


Find all assignments that are either:

  • In-progress: writers are currently drafting content for you to review, payment has not been made yet
  • Unassigned: either a posted assignment that is awaiting applicants, a draft, or an assignment you sent directly to a writer that you’re waiting for them to accept
  • Campaigns: to organize all pieces of content for each month
  • Completed: an overview of all payments and content completed on nDash


An easy way to see all the due dates and publishing dates. Learn more about this feature here.


Where to browse all writers:

  • View both freelance and your in-house writing team
  • access your favorite writers
  • find all direct messages you have with writers


Where to find:

  • Direct ideas: sent only to you
  • Industry pitches: all brands can see these ideas until purchased
  • Saved pitches: will stop the idea from expiring
  • Requests: shows a history of when you requested ideas to the nDash community, or who you requested specific ideas from


A bird’s eye overview of what your favorite news sites and competitors are publishing, in addition to what’s trending in your industry. This tab provides a real-time update so you don’t consistently have to open 30+ tabs each day, it’s also a great way to grab a few URLs to request ideas from the community. Learn more about this feature here.

Group Profile

An overview of your current content strategy, so that writers know what ideas to pitch to you and can easily onboard themselves onto your brand’s voice.

Group Settings

Where you can:

  • Set your brand profile to private
  • Add and delete credit cards
  • Add or manage group members
  • Connect your CMS to more easily push content from nDash directly to your blog
  • Pause your group if you need to take a break from nDash

How to navigate your header:

Request Ideas

A button you can push to let all writers in the nDash community know that you’re currently looking for new content ideas

Create Assignment

An easy way to draft an assignment that you want to:

  • Post to the community (where you pick the favorite one)
  • Send an assignment to a favorite writer
  • Send an assignment to your in-house writing team

Your Profile Picture

Which accesses the following commands:

  • My Account: where you can manage which email address receives notifications, what notifications you want to receive emails for, your profile picture, and where you can deactivate your personal account (not your group account)
  • Upgrade for Free: take advantage of our Pro features ($30/month), also where you can downgrade to Free
  • Visit if you just want to know what’s happening at the company!
  • Help Topics: to access more useful articles like this one
  • Contact Us: if we can ever help you with anything, or you have feedback for us
  • Switch to Writer Profile: looking to pick up some freelance work?
  • Sign Out: if you don’t want to keep yourself logged in to nDash

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