How can I find pitches writers have sent?

You can receive pitches from: 

  1. Requesting ideas from the nDash community of verified writers
  2. Requesting an idea from a specific writer profile
  3. By having a public profile on nDash, writers are able to proactively pitch you content ideas 

To find all of these ideas sent your way, click Ideas on the left sidebar. There, you'll find:

  • Direct ideas, meaning that no other brands can see those pitches, they were specifically crafted for your company
  • Industry ideas, which are available to all brands on nDash. However, once a company purchases the content idea, it's taken off the platform and only visible to the brand that bought it 
  • Saved pitches, which are content ideas you like but aren't ready to pull the trigger on (yet)
  • Requests, which is a reminder of the current idea requests you've put out to a specific writer or the nDash community 

Please note: all pitches will expire in 30 days unless they are saved, commented on, or are an industry pitch.

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