What type of direction do writers need in order to pitch a great content idea? ​

When you request a content idea - either directly from a writer or as an open call for your writing community - it's important to provide writers with a little bit of information on the type of idea you're looking for (aside from "blog" or "whitepaper"). 

While your group profile includes a lot of (hopefully updated) information on your content strategy, competitors, content you admire, and target audience, writers are not mindreaders. 

When requesting an idea, there is an optional summary field. Please take a moment to let them know if there is a(n): 

  1. Article you want an idea based off of
  2. Specific marketing campaign you're focusing on this month 
  3. Audience you need content for
  4. Keyword strategy you want them to keep in mind

In short: provide the writer with additional information so they're spending time pitching ideas you're excited about - and you're not disappointed by the wave of content ideas that come into your inbox.

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