How can I use the content calendar?

The nDash Content Calendar is designed to give marketers an up-to-date view on the status of their content initiatives for both your in-house and freelance writing team. This feature is available for both our free users and pro subscribers. 

For a video demo of how to use this feature, see directly below. If you'd prefer a written run-down, then scroll a bit further to continue reading! 

The nDash Content Calendar is centered around two key events:

  1. Due Date: the day in which a draft is set to be delivered by the writer
  2. Publishing Date: the day in which the content will be published

Due dates and publishing dates only apply to assignments created in the nDash platform, though you have the option to add a custom note to the calendar for assignments being completed outside of nDash (e.g. an assignment with an in-house writer). You can do this by clicking on any date within the content calendar. 

As a rule, every assignment created within the nDash platform generates both a due date and a publishing date:

  • Publishing dates can be changed by dragging and dropping on the calendar
  • Due dates can also be changed via drag and drop, as well as in the Assignment Summary

Note: when a due date is changed, the writer is notified via email, so be careful to get the date right

On the calendar, you’ll see that Due Dates are categorized by one of the following four labels:

  1. In-Progress: the assignment is currently being worked on by the writer
  2. Submitted for Approval: the assignment has been submitted for payment by the writer
  3. Completed: the assignment has been completed and paid for
  4. Past Due: the assignment is not yet completed, and is past due

A few other things worth mentioning:

  • You have the option to filter out (or include) due dates, publishing dates and notes from your calendar view
  • The calendar events are displayed on a group basis (i.e. they do not show the entire company calendar)
  • If you click on an empty date on the calendar, you’re able to either create an assignment or add an internal note 
  • Clicking on any event takes you to a pop-up/overview of the assignment in progress. You then have the option to click through to the assignment thread

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