How does my writer dashboard work?

Here is a quick overview of how to navigate the nDash Writer Dashboard. 

Let’s start with the left sidebar first. 

On the left sidebar, you'll find the following options: Assignments, Opporunities, Ideas, My Profile, and Referrals. Let's take each of this tab-by-tab. 


Assignments has three tabs, offering three different layouts to see all completed and in-progress assignments.

  • List: All assignments categorized by status.
  • Kanban: Similar to Trello, our Kanban board consists of cards and lists. Each card represents an assignment within nDash. All assignment cards can be found in the locked list on the left-hand side of the page (this list will ALWAYS be here, even if you opt to not use the feature). More details here.
  • Calendar: All assignments organized by date and color-coded by status. You can also add notes for yourself in this view.


Opportunities offers three different ways to get work.

Direct requests: This view shows direct requests that came to you from brands that you have not yet accepted.

Applications: This view shows your current applications to open assignments.

Open: Open assignments are all assignments within your communities that are accepting applications.


Where you can find all companies that currently have a brand profile on nDash:

  • All: a list of all of the companies on nDash
  • My Prospects: any companies you may have ‘starred’ within the platform so that you don’t lose sight of them; a great way to remind you to send a pitch or two their way each quarter!
  • Clients: any companies you have worked with previously or are working with now
  • Suggested: companies that identify with any of the industries you selected on your writer profile


An overview of all of the ideas sent on nDash, that have not been purchased:

  • In Review: direct pitches you have sent to companies that have not been purchased yet
  • Expired: pitches that were not acted upon after 30 days and are currently back in your court to edit and send to a new industry or company
  • Industry: all industry pitches you have sent that have not been purchased yet

My Profile

Click here to edit your writer profile. More on writer profile guidelines here.

Now, let’s review the top navigation bar on nDash: 

On the top navigation bar, you'll find: Search Companies, Create Content, Pitch Industries, and your profile picture which has a drop-down menu. Let's take them action-by-action.

Search Companies

Search companies by keyword, title, or industry. You can also search companies by clicking Companies on the left sidebar. 

Create Content 

Have you written a piece of content that you'd like to sell? Creating content publishing it to the nDash Publishing Network is another great stream of revenue. Learn more about our content marketplace here

Pitch Industries

Not looking to pitch a company directly? Click this button to pitch all companies on nDash at once. Learn more about pitching industry ideas here

Your Profile Picture Drop-Down Menu

This dropdown menu includes: 

  • My Profile: click here to edit your writer profile
  • Account Settings: your admin center to manage your email address and notifications, connect to Stripe, and deactivate your account

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