nDash Content Network (for Writers)

The nDash Publishing Network was built to help writers earn money doing what they do best: writing great content. 

This feature gives you the ability to publish full-length articles (as opposed to pitching content ideas) which can then be purchased by any company on nDash. 

Here's How It Works: 

#1. Make Sure Your Profile is Complete (with Stripe) 

  • While any writer can create content, those who sell articles typically have a complete writer profile. Also, in order to sell an article, your account must be connected with Stripe. 

#2. Click "Create Content" 

  • Click the "Content Button" in the top-navigation menu. 

#3. Add Details 

  • Select an Industry (i.e. category) 
  • Enter a title for the piece 
  • Add a short summary of the article 
  • Enter keywords (this will help with search) 
  • Add a price*
  • Click Create Draft 

*Note: You can list these articles at any price you'd like. 

#4. Publish Your Draft 

  • Once your article is finished, click the "Publish" button on the right-hand module (be sure to include an image from unsplash.com) 
  • Every article you publish will be visible on your writer profile page
  • If your article meets the criteria below (in tips for success) then we'll feature it for brands in a sperate section within the platform 

#5. Tips for Success 

  • Include an Image: Posts without an image are less likely to be promoted by nDash. We suggest using unsplash.com to find and upload an image. 
  • Pay Attention to Formatting: Posts with irregular formatting (e.g. unnecessary line breaks, jumbled paragraphs) will also be less likely to get promoted and purchased 
  • Make it Evergreen: It can take some time for your articles to sell, so make sure the content isn't too time specific (i.e. the top marketing trends of 2017) 
  • Dive Deep: Brands on nDash are looking for deep dives into topics. The longer and more in-depth your article is, the more likely it'll gain traction. 
  • Share it on Social: Once you publish a piece, you'll see social icons that make it easy to share across social media. The articles can been seen by anyone, but only purchased by brands who have accounts on nDash. 

Important Reminder: The content you publish on nDash CANNOT exist anywhere else. Writers who plagiarize or post duplicate content will have their accounts deleted. 

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