What is the nDash Publishing Network?

The nDash Publishing Network was built to provide writers with another revenue stream. You can use our Publishing Network for two different reasons:

  1. You have written blog posts you're sitting on: instead of having these blogs gather "dust" on your harddrive, upload them to the nDash Publishing Network for brands to purchase
  2. You're looking to build out your portfolio: perhaps you're new to the writing scene - or are trying to build expertise for a specific niche - this is the perfect place to start writing content for purchase. It adds content to your writer profile AND provides you with a potential income stream

Ready to get started? 

  1. Click Create Content on the top right corner of your dashboard
  2. Add in the category, title, a brief summary, keywords (to help search!) and price point for the piece of content
  3. On the next screen, enter the blog text and header image 

Once you publish the draft, this piece of content will be posted to your nDash Writer Profile and our nDash Community Team will begin marketing the content to potential prospects (don't forget to share it on your own social networks as well!). 

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