How can I find brands on nDash?

After you have a verified nDash writer account, you can view brands on nDash by clicking Companies on the left sidebar. On this page, you’re able to search for companies by industry or by keyword.

Before pitching any group profile, we do encourage you to click View Profile, so you can learn more about their marketing strategy, target audience, and the type of content ideas they are looking for. 

You’ll also want to take note of the credit card icon on most company pages. This means that the company currently has a verified method of payment on file and is ready to pay you for your work - something important to know before you spend time pitching ideas! 

Additionally, after clicking View Profile, you’ll also note find the pitch probability on the top right corner of the company profile. The pitch probability takes how many content ideas a brand has received in the past 90 days and divides it by the number of ideas the company has purchased. If the pitch probability says “High,” then there’s a strong chance they’ll accept a content idea. 

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