How does my In-House Writer dashboard work?

You’re able to be added as an in-house writer to multiple companies on nDash. Regardless as to whether you've been added to one group or many, this is how your dashboard will look:

If you’re added to multiple groups as an in-house writer, you can change which company you want to write for, by clicking on the lefthand corner dropdown menu (see image below):

Once you pick the group you want to work for, on the left side of the dashboard you’ll be able to view the:

  • Assignments you have in progress
  • Ideas you have sent to that group for review (all for $0 since you’re currently on their payroll)
  • Your writer profile
  • And the group profile of the company, which includes information about their marketing strategy.

If you’d like to pitch the company a content idea or you need to get started on an assignment for them that you’ve already received the okay on, then click Create Content or Pitch Idea on the top right corner of your dashboard.

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