How does the Kanban support my content strategy?

Similar to Trello, our Kanban board consists of cards and lists. Each card represents an assignment within nDash - whether it be with one of our freelance writers or a member of your in-house content team. All assignment cards can be found in the locked list on the left-hand side of the page (this list will ALWAYS be here, even if you opt to not use the feature).

On each card (which will only exist once you have a completed or in progress assignment), you'll see the title, status, assignment owner, and the writer. 

By clicking into each card, you'll be taken to the assignment thread, which contains all comments, latest drafts, file uploads, etc. 

You're then able to make multiple lists on the screen, such as "Needs Edits," "Sent to Client," "Approved," or whatever else will help your internal content workflow. You are able to create as many lists as you'd like and drag cards accordingly. Note: dragging cards from one list to another does not change the status of the assignment, only it's placement on the Kanban board. 

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