When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card will be charged for two reasons:

  1. Your 30 free days of our Pro Subscription Trial are up
  2. A writer has delivered a piece of content and it's ready for your review 

If you have multiple credit cards tied to your account, you are able to change which one is used for the subscription and the assignment charges on a case-by-case basis:

  • To change your credit card for subscription charges: click Group Settings on the left sidebar, go to the section labeled Credit Cards and choose a new Default Card. Choosing a new default card will mean that (1) that card will be used for the subscription going forward and (2) it's the first runner-up for all assignments done on nDash.
  • To change your credit card for an assignment: once an assignment is in progress, you'll be able to see which credit card is currently in line to be charged to the right of the assignment thread. If you have multiple cards tied to your account, you are able to choose a credit card from the dropdown menu.

For more information on credit cards, see this article.

Please note: if your default card (or the credit card you chose for the assignment/subscription charges) is denied, the platform will go through the other credit cards that you have connected to your account.

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