What is included in the free, pro, and managed services subscriptions?

On nDash, we have three plans:

  • Self-Serve Free Subscription
  • Self-Serve Pro Subscription
  • Managed Services

While you can see the benefits of both on our pricing page, here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from each tier:

Free Subscription: perfect for companies that are just dipping their toes into the content scene.

  • Access all platform features (calendar, kanban, integrations, etc) 
  • Add unlimited users (including in-house writers)
  • Send assignments to your in-house team
  • Receive and accept content ideas from nDash community
    • 25% fee on freelance assignments
  • Send assignments to writers 1:1 (only if they have their profile url..e.g. They have worked with them in the past) 
  • 1 Group
  • 3-day content approval

To do any of the following, you have to upgrade to our Pro Subscription, which is great for companies that are looking for at least one piece of content per month. 

  • Start your first nDash freelance assignment (via staff pick) 
  • Access nDash community (request pitches from individual writers, messaging writers) 
  • Adding groups 
  • Requesting ideas 

Managed Services: we make your job easier for you by managing and recruiting your writing team

  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager at nDash
  • We’ll build your writing team for you, and administer writing tests on your behalf so you’ll be confident that you’re working with the best of the best
  • The nDash team will manage both content deadlines and your content calendar so that you’ll have a smooth running content engine
  • Weekly calls to keep you updated on content creation and to propose new content ideas

Learn more about pricing here.

If you’re ready to upgrade to Pro, click on your profile picture on the top right, and choose Upgrade from the dropdown menu (this is also how you downgrade). Once you click on "monthly plan," you will need to add a credit card to start on our 30-day trial, where you get to play around with our pro subscription for free. 

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