What Does Custom Onboarding Include?

nDash wants to ensure that all companies receive personalized help in building their writing team and getting setup for success in the nDash platform. 

Here’s a quick look at what the process involves: 

  • Defining Brand Objectives
  • Profile Completion
  • Technical Setup
  • Team Building
  • Assignment Creation

Now let’s dive into each area....

Defining Brand Objectives

Some brands look to nDash to scale content volume, while others look to generate a small amount of thought-leadership pieces. Our first priority is gaining a full understanding of your brand’s objectives, so we can build an ideal writing team to meet them. Through a call (or series of emails) we’ll ask about things like: 

  • Expertise: what topics and subjects do your writers have to know?
  • Cadence: how much content are you planning to generate each month or quarter? 
  • Formats: What types of content are you looking to generate? 
  • Budget: how much are you looking to pay per deliverable?
  • Tone: what type of writing style do you prefer? (e.g formal, technical, etc.) 

The more you can share with our team, the better! 

Profile Completion

With this information, we’ll take a first pass at completing your nDash group profile. This serves two primary purposes: 

  1. To attract the highest quality writers in the nDash community (elite writers rarely engage with brands that have incomplete profiles). 
  2. To give writers a reference point for what they should be aiming for in terms of tone, keywords, and other styleguide preferences. 

Note: For agencies, we’ll help you complete up to 5 client profiles. 

Technical Setup

We’ll also ensure that your account is all set in terms of: 

  • Making sure all users have been added with the proper permissions 
  • Setting up integrations with WordPress, HubSpot, Google Docs and other apps 
  • Setting up a Kanban board to help organize tasks 
  • Adding content feeds to help you monitor news in your industry 

If you have any technical questions after the onboarding process, you can message our support team directly through the platform. 

Team Building

The next step will involve building your brand a custom writing team based on your needs and budget. This can be done several ways: 

  • All at once: We can favorite anywhere from 2-10 writers which you can begin sending assignments to at any time. 
  • One “Staff Pick” at a time: If you want to build a team slowly, you can request an nDash staff pick with each new assignment until you have a team of writers you’re confident in. 

Ultimately the goal is to build a “freelance favorites” list that you can leverage on-demand, without having to constantly onboard new writers. 

Assignment Creation

If needed, we’ll walk you through your first several assignments to ensure best practices in terms of scope details, turnaround time and other criteria. By this point, most brands have a great handle on the platform, but we’re available to help any way.

Quick Notes: 

  • Onboarding is optional; if you want to take it on yourself, please feel free! 
  • There are no unpaid writing tests; if you’d like to know how to quickly test multiple writers at once, please contact us and we’ll help. 
  • Most onboardings are completed in 1-2 business days, and involve a short phone call, followed by email updates. If you need more calls, we’ll make ourselves available, and we’ll work within your schedule. 

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