Custom onboarding: what does it include and cost?

Onboarding is a great and inexpensive way to build an initial writing team on nDash and get proof-points of their writing style. Here is a rundown of what is included in our onboarding package, for both agencies and brands.

For brands and agency clients, we'll build your custom writing team (or your clients' team) based on: 

  • Expertise: what topics and subjects do your writers have to know?
  • Cadence: how much content does your client base need each month?
  • Budget: how much are you looking to pay per deliverable?
  • Tone: what type of writing style does your client base require?

For each brand (or client profile), we go through this process:

Interview Key Stakeholders

  • Gather requirements for brand voice, audience, personas, keywords
  • Define marketing goals (e.g. thought leadership, SEO, lead generation)
  • Establish a budget range for on-going work

Complete Profile & Tech Setup

  • Use findings to populate the brand profile within the nDash platform
  • Connect nDash to CMS (HubSpot, WordPress) and other apps (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Make sure all in-house members are added with the proper roles (in-house writer and editors) (note: this isn't available for managed accounts)

Conduct a Writing Test

  • Identify which writers will be part of the team going forward
  • Filter out inadequate writers before mission-critical work is assigned
  • Get a feel for the tone, style and responsiveness of potential writers

The full onboarding package is $1,000 for brands and $1,500 for agencies.

Please note: if you are an agency account, the onboarding fee includes 5 client profiles. However, we will only administer a writing test for one of your clients. To administer writing tests for additional clients, we're happy to do so for a small fee. 

If you’re ready to schedule your onboarding - or learn more about these services - then shoot us a quick note using the chat icon to the bottom right of the dashboard. Or drop us an email here

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