If I don't like the content, do I still need to pay the writer?

In short, yes. If they completed work for you, you will need to pay them for their time. With that stated, you’re welcome to ask writers:

  1. To rewrite/edit the content: as long as it stays within the previous scope (word count and summary) of the assignment initial sent their way 
  2. If they'd be open to a new amount for the content they wrote: if you feel that an edit/rewrite won't do the trick, you are able to see if they'd be open to half of the pay

Here at nDash, we value both our brands and our writers. However, we understand that sometimes two parties may not see eye-to-eye and there may need to be third-party involvement. If there's an issue that you and the writer are unable to resolve, please message our Customer Success team using the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. We're here to help! 

That’s why it’s so incredibly important that all interactions with a writer happen inside the nDash platform. We are unable to provide support for your company for any interaction that has not been recorded within your nDash portal. 

Quick tip: if you have a content call, send the writer a message in the assignment thread to recap what was discussed and the next steps. Otherwise, we are unable to have your back.

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