What happens after a writer accepts an assignment or I purchase a content idea?

There are four different ways to start an assignment on nDash:

  1. You purchased a content idea
  2. You sent an assignment to an In-House writer
  3. A freelance writer accepts an assignment you sent their way
  4. Our nDash Customer Success team picked the best writer for your Staff Pick

After one of these four actions, you'll be connected directly to the writer in the assignment thread. When this happens, we strongly encourage you to reach out to the writer to let them know you're available for questions they may have - or to provide them with more direction, if you want to ensure they include something specific in the article. 

Likewise, this assignment thread is where you'll be able to go back-and-forth on edits after the writer submits the content in the text editor. 

Once the writer submits the first draft, they will submit for payment. You will then have 5 or 10 days depending on your plan to review the content and ask for any edits. If you need longer to review the article, just let the writer know so they understand the timetable on your end. You will still be able to reach out to the writer in the assignment thread after payment has been processed. 

Please note: we don't prohibit you (the brand) from jumping on a content call with the writer. In fact, we encourage you to build a great relationship with the writer, they're going to be writing content to represent your brand, after all! 

However, we do ask that you write a recap of any conversation that occurs outside of the platform in the nDash assignment thread. Why? Because if there is ever a dispute that arises over an assignment, we cannot support you if all conversation and agreements are not recorded within the nDash platform. 

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