Can I counter-offer the price of a pitch?

If you like an idea, but you had a different price point in mind, click Counter-Offer on the bottom right corner of the pitch card. 

When utilizing this function, please keep two things in mind: 

  1. Utilizing the counter-offer feature auto-calculates the price the writer receives. In short, nDash does put a small percent (between 25% and 5%) on top of the price requested by the writer. All of this is to say, stating a number in the comment thread of a pitch will not be the same amount that the writer will be receiving on their end.
  2. If the amount you had in mind is drastically different than the writer asked for (about $100 less than the writer’s asking price), there’s a strong likelihood that the writer will not want to work on that piece of content for that price point.

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