How can I send an assignment directly to a writer?

If you find a writer you like and you’re ready to start working with them (and have a content idea in mind), click Create Assignment directly on their profile page. 

If you're unsure about a content idea, but you think they'd be a great fit for your brand, feel free to click the Lightbulb right next to their profile picture, this will prompt them to pitch you a content idea. 

Can I work with the same writer again?

Absolutely. It’s our mission to help you build a solid team of 3-5 writers that you can lean on for all your content needs. If you enjoy working with a writer, be sure to click on that Star right next to their profile picture. That way, when you click on Writers on the left sidebar, you’ll see them under Favorites, making it easy to send assignments directly to them and to request new content ideas.

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