The nDash Writer Code of Conduct

Our mission here at nDash is to create the world’s leading marketplace for content creation services. We’ve designed our platform to attract the world’s top freelance writers (that’s you), along with the brands who value their expertise, creativity, and professionalism. 

In order for our vision to be realized, however, the nDash community must play its part in following certain rules and guidelines. What follows is our Writer Code of Conduct, requiring that all nDash writers:

  • Never Plagiarize: Plagiarism is the most serious offense one can commit in the nDash platform, and needless to say, it will result in an immediate termination of your account.
  • Disclose Use of AI Tools: Some clients are okay with the use of these tools, while others consider them to be a form of plagiarism and/or fraud. Please disclose the use of ANY such tools to the client and never attempt to pass off ANY AI-generated content as your own original work. 
  • Never Hide Your Identity: nDash strives for complete transparency, both from freelance writers and brands. Profiles that are created to obscure one’s identity will be deleted.
  • Never Pitch the Same Idea to Multiple Brands: Brands require that any content written for them in the nDash platform be 100% original. By pitching the same idea to multiple brands, you’re crossing several legal and ethical boundaries. If you want a pitch to be seen by multiple brands, please use the Industry Pitches section.
  • Never Contact Brands Outside the Platform (unless they ask you to): Brands sign up to nDash because they want to manage content creation in a single platform. They do not want to be contacted by freelance writers outside of the platform. Since we let writers set their own rates for assignments – and pay them upon assignment completion – there’s no financial incentive to circumvent the platform. Please do not contact a nDash company outside the system unless they specifically ask you to.
  • Be Polite: Don’t forget that this is a completely transparent platform. It’s your name on the line here. If you want repeat customers, then foster that relationship by being polite.
  • Respond in a Timely Manner: If you want a repeat customer, it’s important not to keep them waiting – even if it’s as simple as a “thank you” when the client accepts your pitch.

If at any point a writer disregards any of these points above without cause, their access to the nDash community will be revoked.

We thank you again for your interest in nDash and kindly ask that you adhere to our Code of Conduct from this point forward.


The nDash Team

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