How are client disputes handled?

Here at nDash, we will always have your back for all work completed on our platform. 

We do ask you to respect our Code of Conduct but, if all is well there, and the piece of content you wrote was rejected by the client, then please follow this protocol: 

  1. Please contact the client within the assignment thread and politely ask them why they rejected the piece of content you wrote.
  2. Simultaneously, please email us at cm (at) ndash (dot) co and provide us with the Assignment ID (can be found to the right of the assignment thread) so we can keep an eye on their response. 
  3. If we don’t hear back from them within 24 hours, the nDash Community Manager will reach out to the client directly to resolve the issue. 

Please note: it is SO important to have ALL conversations and edits go through the nDash assignment thread. If any conversation and/or agreement happens outside of the nDash platform, we will not be able to step into the dispute. 

If you opt to have a phone call or email thread outside of the nDash platform - please make sure that there is ALWAYS a written recap of the discussion on nDash, so that we can have your back if any disagreement happens. 

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