What happens once a pitch is accepted?

Once a pitch has been accepted, you will be connected directly to the client in the assignment thread. To access all assignments you have in progress, click on Assignments on the left sidebar and then click In-Progress at the top. 

After clicking into the assignment you’re working on, you’ll have access to the text editor - where you can copy-and-paste content once written. Or you can upload a Word Doc to the assignment thread if the client prefers. 

Please make sure that you always upload content to the assignment thread - even if the client requests for you to email it to them as well. This way, if the client ever reaches out to nDash to say that you didn’t deliver the work, we can reference the thread to see what happens. Any conversation that occurs outside of the nDash platform we can not be responsible for.

Pro tip: we strongly encourage reaching out to the client right after they accept your content idea, just with a quick note saying thank you and you’ll reach out if you have any questions. It just helps build a great repertoire with the clients!

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