How can I send a counter-offer to direct and open assignments?

If you have any questions about an assignment or want a different rate, it’s important to agree on the scope and price of work BEFORE accepting a direct assignment from a company or applying for an open assignment.

As a quick reminder:

  • An open assignment is an assignment that has been posted to the nDash community, you will then need to apply to the piece if you’re interested in being considered
  • A direct assignment is an assignment that is only sent to you

For both assignments, you are able to send a counter-offer for the piece of content, by clicking “counter-offer” at the bottom of the assignment card. Once you click that button, enter the amount you’d like to get paid to do the work. 

If you think the price point is fine, but you want to clear up a few points of confusion in the assignment card before committing to the piece of content, please utilize the messaging thread.

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