How can I adjust my email notifications?

At nDash, we like to keep you in the loop, but we also realize that sometimes you may want to manage the frequency of email notifications you may be receiving from the nDash platform (especially when you’re on vacation).  

When you first sign-up to nDash, you’ll be auto-signed up to receive the following email notifications:

  • Your pitch has been accepted
  • You have a new direct request for an assignment or idea
  • Your application was accepted
  • New comment or file upload
  • Your assignment was approved
  • Your assignment was rejected
  • Company has just added you to their list of favorite writers
  • Your content assignment was purchased 

In order to edit (or uncheck) any of these email notifications, click on your profile picture on the top right, choose Account Settings, and find the section titled Email Preference. You can then uncheck any email notifications you no longer want to receive - and turn them back on at a later date.

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