How Do Assignment Fees Work?

In addition to subscription fees (see below), nDash collects a percent of each completed assignment. These fees are automatically calculated and included in the total price of an assignment. 

The percentage are as follows: 

Basic Plan

Our Basic plan, which carries no recurring subscription cost, includes a fee of 25% per assignment. You're able to add unlimited users, and you'll only pay for completed content.

Pro Plan

Our Pro plan, which carries a $25 per month subscription cost, includes a fee of 15% per freelancer article. This tier includes additional support from our team and a longer content approval timeline.

Managed Plan

Our Managed plan, which carries a $799 per month subscription cost, includes a fee of 20% per assignment. This tier provides you with a dedicated project manager and assistance with content strategy.

There is one additional option for per-assignment fees, open to companies looking to use nDash only as a writer management and payment processing system. If you have a dedicated team of freelancers who will only interact with your company on the platform, our team can help you set them up as "VIP writers", which include a 5% per assignment fee. More on that writer categories can be found in this help topic.

When are fees applied?

When you set pricing for an assignment, that price will include the fee. Writers will see a slightly lower price, not including the fee. When a writer applies to an open assignment with a counter offer, nDash does the math and shows you the total including your fee.

An example:
Your company is on the Basic plan. You post an assignment for $200. You will only pay $200, and the writer will see it as $150. 

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