Can I Pre-Fund My nDash Account?

Yes indeed. nDash now enables brands to fund their accounts and draw down from a balance (as opposed to paying via credit card on-demand). This is a great option if your finance department prefers more predictability with your nDash spending. 

How it Works

Under Settings, click on "Billing Overview." There you'll see a button to "Add Funds."

Fill out this form and we'll send an invoice to pay via credit/debit, ACH or check

Once your account if funded, you can keep track of your balance and remaining funds from the new Billing Overview page.

You'll also see the option to select your pre-funded balance when paying for individual assignments: 


  • Companies that pre-fund their account can still add a credit/debit card to pay on-demand
  • The "Committed" field on the billing overview page will calculate all assignments that are in-progress (but not yet paid) regardless of whether you are pre-funding
  • The totals on the Billing Overview page are calculated from all groups within the account
  • Subscription payments are not automatically deducted from your pre-funded balance 
  • Users with pre-funded accounts will still get receipts for assignments, even though charges are not made. 
  • Balances carry over indefinitely, unless the account is inactive for over 12 months, and are not subject to refunds. 

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