How can I send direct and industry pitches?

Most of the work completed on nDash starts with a writer pitching a content idea. 

There are two different types of content ideas writers can pitch:

  1. Industry Pitch: any company on the nDash platform can see this pitch, but only one company is allowed to purchase the content idea 
  2. Direct Pitch: only the group you sent the idea to can see these content ideas, because of this, direct pitches are more tailored to the company's group profile (i.e. marketing strategy)

To learn more about best practices for pitching both companies and industries, check out this help topic

In order to pitch a content idea, follow these steps:

  1. Industry Pitch: click Pitch Industries on the top right corner. Enter the content idea in the pop-up and choose the Industry from the dropdown menu
  2. Direct Pitch: click Companies on the left sidebar and choose the company you're most interested in. Click Pitch This Group once you've done a thorough review of the company's group profile. Additionally, brands can request content ideas from you, you can find these requests under Direct Requests from your Home Dashboard. 

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